Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What you do is more important than what you say.

During President Obama's financial summit on Monday, he said that the Congressional majority must be inclusive of the minority but the minority must be constructive to the process. During the stimulus debate, the minority introduced an alternative bill. The Congressional Budget Office reported that this alternative bill would have created twice the jobs at half the cost of the bill pushed by the majority. The stimulus bill was more about paying back the people that made it possible for Obama to be elected.

Bush and the Republican controlled Congress spent just as foolishly. When control of the Congress shifted to the Democrats in 2006 the only way Bush could get what he wanted was to allow the Democrats to spend whatever they wanted.

During President Obama's speech Tuesday, he said that America's best days are ahead. I believe this is a true statement but it won't be during President Obama's single term as President. It also won't happen while any of the current corrupt Senators and Representatives are still holding office. It will take their Removal from office and it may even take the secession of a few states to return this country to the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers fought to provide us. Our Senators and Representatives as well as the President all take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. I can't speak about all of the Senators and Representatives, bu the President, Vice-president and all of the Senators and Representatives that are constantly on the television have all violated their oaths of office. These violations should be grounds for immediate removal from office. The apathy of the public and the good-ole-boy culture in Washington prevent anything from being done about the growing Tyranny.

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