Friday, April 2, 2010

Where is the Violence?

The Left continues to attempt to deceive the people into believing that Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party members are inciting and committing violence. However, the violence is actually being committed by the Left. In late March there was an political rally for Harry Reid in Searchlight, NV. On the way to the rally, the Tea Party Express bus was egged by Reid supporters. Andrew Breitbart was at the rally and filmed eggs hitting the bus and at least one supporter with an egg in his hand. As well as the egging, Mr. Breitbart was threatened with violence by one of the supporters. The supporters were directing traffic with signs. Mr. Brietbart asked them why the were directing traffic. For the simple act of asking a question, a Reid supporter pointed at Mr. Breitbart and said “Get him out of here or I'm going to jail today.” Let's recap a few of the incidents of violence during the discussions on health care reform over the last year. In August 2009, SEIU members beat Kenneth Gladney for handing out “Don't Tread on Me” (Gadsden) flags. He was called N****r and a sell out to his race. Mr. Gladney is black and so were his attackers. In Thousand Oaks, CA, September 2009, there was a rally supporting health care reform. A group was also there in opposition to the bill. Bill Rice was one of the protesters in oposition to the bill. A man came from the group of supporters and approached Mr. Rice in a threating manner. Mr. Rice felt threatened and defended himself by punching the attacker and a scuffle ensued. During the scuffle, Mr. Rice's little finger on his left hand was bitten off. On the day of the house vote for the Senate health care bill, Speaker Pelosi walked with Representative John Lewis and others to try and compare the health care reform bill with the Civil Rights marches in the 1960s. To compare this Freedom and Liberty removing bill with the Freedom and Liberty restoring Civil Rights movement is absurd and I would think, an insult to those that participated in that movement, including Representative Lewis. There have been many reports that Representative Lewis, was called a N****r and spat upon. There are very few people that don't have audio and video recorders built into their cell phones. There were many commercial news outlets at the event as well as many independent new reporters and bloggers. If those things actually happened there would surely be video and audio of it. Andrew Breitbart has offered $100,000 to anyone who has such video. As of yet, no video or audio has surfaced.

The Left demands that the Right denounce those that called members of Congress leaving vile messages. Yet the Left has rarely if ever denounced the actual violence committed against the Right.

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  1. Marxists are preparing violence at 15 April Tea Party, and 19 April 2A narches. Middle class Americans are peacefully protesting.

    Obama thugs will create violence. Then DHS will have to 'crack down' on America 'to control the violence'. Create a crisis, and then never let a crisis go to waste.