Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do Your Duty

Monday, May 31st was Memorial Day. It was formerly known as Decoration Days and it commemorates U.S. Soldiers who died in military service. It has expanded to also be a day to remember the service and sacrifices of veterans and active duty military. Soldiers who have fought and died for this country have made huge sacrifices. Many of them carry scars, both visible and hidden. The sacrifices they make are so that we can live in Freedom and Liberty. I wonder how many New Mexicans were out camping, boating, drinking and just generally partying? I wonder how many of them did so without knowing why they didn't have to work that day?

Tuesday, June 1st was primary election day in New Mexico. On that day only 28% of eligible voters actually voted. It is shameful that our soldiers sacrifice so much but 72% of eligible voters won't sacrifice anything to do their duty as citizens. It is not difficult to drive to the polls and vote. If people find it difficult, they may request and absentee ballot and not have to leave their houses to vote. I recall the first elections in Iraq after Saddam Hussein was removed from power. Men and woman risked their lives to take part in their elections. After voting, they proudly held up their purple fingers to show that no amount of threats would stop them from doing their civic duty. Low voter turnout favors the incumbents. The incumbents have gotten us in our precarious position. The are charged with regulating the financial industry. They abdicated that responsibility and many people lost their life savings. The Government is charged with regulating oil companies and drilling in the United States. They abdicated that responsibility and we now have an ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Government rules without Government oversight will always lead to disaster. Yes, the businesses involved in these problems share some of the blame but Government is there to provide checks and balances.

A Government of the people, by the people and for the people requires the participation of the people. If 72% of the people are to lazy and apathetic to do their duties as citizens we must stop asking our military to make such great sacrifices defending the rights that allow us to vote.

Take time to read the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, Federalist papers, and Anti-Federalist papers. If you under 60 years of age, forget everything you learned of American History in school, if you learned anything at all. It's likely all wrong. Find more writings of the founders and read them. Our founders weren't a bunch of rich, old, white racists. There were Black and Hispanic founders that fought and died for our independence.

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