Thursday, June 2, 2011

The End Of The Line

I recently read an article about two wounded veterans from Texas being harassed at an airport because of the shrapnel they had in their bodies. I've seen stories of the TSA feeling up infants, children, the elderly and even copping a really good feel of a beauty queen. I still see long lines of sheeple at the airports. I've read of Phil Mocek, the brave American who refused to show his ID to a TSA agent and was arrested by the Albuquerque New Mexico police. Mr. Mocek was acquitted of all charges. I still see long lines of sheeple at the airports with their ID's out like good little useful idiots should. It really wouldn't take much to change the useless behavior of our government. If only half of the sheeple would refuse to fly for a month or two, the airlines would feel the pain in their bottom line and force a change or go bankrupt. It's a shame that we can't get a few, let alone half, of the people to stop flying. They've been convinced that they are safer but when you ask for a single instance of the draconian behavior of the TSA stopping a single incident, they can't provide one. They end up saying that they just “feel safer.” If feeling safer were a right I may fell sympathy for them but it's not.

Soon, the lines we are all standing in will end at the entrance to a box car. Rather than being alarmed or outraged, we'll simply ask what movie or ball game we are going to see and march forward.

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