Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hard To Understand

I was listening to Rusty Humphries on Monday night. He was talking about the alleged terrorist Mohamed Osman Mohamud. He was trying to personalize what might have happened. He first started talking about being in Washington for the holidays. It was cold so they were talking about going to the Christmas Tree lighting at Pioneer Square in Portland. The weather evidently warmed up and they stayed in Washington. He said if something would have happened at Pioneer Square, he and his family could have been there and been hurt. Latter in the show, after calling Mohamud a “punk ass kid” a dozen or so times, he was saying he was supposed to have been at Pioneer Square that day. He went from talking about going to Pioneer Square because of cold weather to supposed to have been there. Do people re-write events to make things seem like they could have been much worse?

During the show Humphries kept berating Mohamed. He kept saying that he was so important that he was named twice. I must assume that Humphries thinks that Mohamed and Mohamud are the same name. As I stated in “Terrorist Or Propaganda?” below, I don't think Mohamud is innocent but more questions of the FBI need to be asked and answered.

I don't know what good it does for people like Humphries to call names and try to belittle the alleged bomber. It doesn't help get us any closer to the truth and it makes Humprhies less than credible in anything else he says. I guess it could give Humphries a feeling of superiority. I usually only hear or read this type of name calling from Liberals when they don't have any facts to back up their arguments but even then they don't do it so many times during their rant. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect. I've probably called people names in the past but I try to base by discussions on facts provided and informed opinion.

During the show, Humphries opined that Mohamud should be put in jail for life after he is convicted. He didn't think he should be put to death because he had not killed anybody. It's Humphries opinon that Pfc. Bradley Manning, the person who allegedly leaked classified documents to Wikileaks, should be put to death because the leaks have caused deaths. What is interesting is that there have not been any alleged, let alone proven, deaths related to the leaks.

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