Monday, November 29, 2010

Terrorist Or Propaganda?

Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested in Portland. He had just dialed a cell phone that he allegedly believed would kill or maim hundreds of innocent people. This story doesn't pass the smell test. Mohamud likely had no contact with anyone other than FBI agents. There could be one other person he was in contact with if you believe the FBI's story of an unindicted associate overseas? With the FBI's record of deceit, I for one don't believe their story. FBI agents provided the plan, the van and the supposed explosives. The FBI also used illegal explosives in the presence of Mohamud. Mohamud dialed the cell phone twice so he is by no means innocent but I doubt he would have done any of this had he not been approached by the FBI in the first place.

It is worrisome that the public is not asking more questions about the FBI's role in this incident. I believe that the FBI is out of control in it's effort to find terrorists. They're not finding many so they've resorted to creating them. I wonder how far citizens will let this country proceed towards a police state before they call for a halt? I just hope we ask our government to rein them in before it is to late to stop them.

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